For Researchers and Teachers

Cutting-edge research and top-quality teaching usually require more than just a great idea. The University of Mannheim supports its researchers in all aspects of academic life. It helps them to raise funding and to publish research findings. It also advises them on how to plan interactive courses and establish a healthy work-life balance.



Regardless of whether you are trying to find a sponsor, advertise external funding, or borrow books from the library – the University of Mannheim supports you at each stage of your research project.


The University Library offers advice on topics such as publishing and open access and provides services to support you in publishing your research results.


Gain experience teaching abroad, or make your courses even more interesting by, for example, using ILIAS, inverted classrooms, or other new lesson formats.

Supporting Early-Stage Researchers

Find out more about how you can support the professors of tomorrow.

Sharing Your Knowledge

Share your expert knowledge with other members of society, for example, through the media, at the university’s science events, or by founding your own company.

Living and Working

Life isn’t just about work. That’s why the University of Mannheim gives advice on topics such as work-life balance and parental leave, offers dual-career assistance, and provides a range of sports classes.

Personnel Management and Career

From managing employees to contributing to decisions in appointment procedures – being a professor comes with responsibility. Everything you need to know about this, and how you can advance your own career as a postdoc, can be found here.

For Doctoral Candidates

Have you already started your doctorate? Or, are you thinking about pursuing a doctorate? With coaching sessions, writing workshops, breakfasts for junior researchers, and much more – the University of Mannheim can advise and support you in all phases of your doctoral degree.

For International Scholars

The Welcome Center supports international researchers and teachers before and during their time in Mannheim.