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The communications department of the University of Mannheim is the interface between the university and the public, and it is the first contact for journalists covering university-related topics.

Why research communication matters

In the past years, research communication has increased significantly in importance. There are several reasons why:

  • Transfer of research is a quality criterion in external funding, evaluation and accreditation processes and is therefore pertinent to successful research.
  • External funding providers and foundations strengthen research communication by means of overhead funding and additional programs. That way, the quality of the funded communication services improves.
  • The number of people wanting to know about new scientific findings increases. According to the Science Barometer 2021, 57 percent of Germans are “interested in science and research topics”. The Federal Ministry of Education and Research now bolsters their support for scientists to become more present in the public eye.
  • Political decisions need to be facts-based, which is something the coronavirus pandemic and the climate crisis show. That is why it is so important to provide the broader public with independent research results and encourage discussions with society.

The research communication service is glad to help you present your research. We assist you with illustrating your topics and with spreading your findings through the relevant channels. Some of our focus areas are:

  • Public relations

    We support you in the communication with the press, we write press releases in consultation with you and send them to journalists interested in the topic. We do so by means of:

    • our regional and transregional network,
    • a database of journalists with more than 100,000 press contacts,
    • and the “Informationsdienst Wissenschaft” (scientific information service, idw), the central news service for journalists in the field of science.

    We measure the media resonance by systematically monitoring print and online publications.

  • Database of experts

    You are welcome to join our database of experts covering current media topics. so that journalists can find you and the topics you are specialized in.

  • Website, social media and newsletter

    We present and spread your research results and projects via different online channels to reach interested people and journalists. Articles are published on the homepage of the university, on the research page and, in collaboration with the marketing department, on the social media channels of Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram and YouTube. If you like, we also create social media posts on your research. In addition, we send out the biweekly newsletter of the university where we draw attention to research results and projects as well. On all our social media platforms combined we have a total of about 145,000 followers.

  • FORUM magazine

    Twice a year, we select research topics and cover them in the FORUM magazine. The university magazine has a circulation of about 10,000 copies and is sent to members, friends, supporters alums of the University of Mannheim as well as to external partner institutions and companies.

  • Research in the media

    To spread your media contributions, we rely on social media networks. We share previously published articles and interviews with you on Facebook and LinkedIn, for example.

  • Press photo

    When starting your job at the University of Mannheim, we offer you to have a professional press photo taken at your new workplace. We offer this service in collaboration with the marketing department.

  • Events

    We are happy to support you in PR work for events on topics that are of interest to target groups outside the academic community. That includes, for example, publishing advertisements within and outside of the university. We are also glad to invite journalists and coordinate your interview appointments with them before the event. Please contact us well in advance to give us time to plan the advertising campaign. Giving us one month’s notice would be ideal.

  • Get into science at the Schlossfest

    The Mannheim Schlossfest attracts more than 15,000 visitors every year. Since 2011, we have been offering a rich scientific program throughout the afternoon and in the evening hours. The professors of the University of Mannheim get the chance to deliver public presentations and perform interactive experiments with the audience, thereby providing them with insights into their research. Find more information and the program for 2022 here.

  • Kids’ University

    Since 2012, the University of Mannheim has been inviting curious pupils to visit the university on three Saturdays during the semester. Kids between the age of eight and twelve get the chance to experience science at the university by participating in lectures and workshops. The departments are presented in a child-friendly manner.


We are happy to advise you on all questions concerning the advertisement for your research, your media presence, and our corporate design.        

Yvonne Kaul, M.A.

Yvonne Kaul, M.A.

Research Communication Officer
University of Mannheim
President's Office
Schloss Ostflügel
68161 Mannheim
Office hours:
Mon, Tue, Thu and Fri 8:30 a.m.–2 p.m.