Welcome to the Diversity Study Week

The Working Group of Study and Teaching of the Diversity Audit at the University of Mannheim is pleased to invite you to the Diversity Study Week, which will take place from 17 April to 20 April!

With a focus on diversity at our university and in our society, we invite all employees and students of the university to participate in different workshops, talks, and discussion panels. This event offers you the frame to exchange ideas with colleagues and to gain insights into topics such as gender equity, intercultural communication, social background, and migration.

Take the opportunity to expand your knowledge in the field of diversity and to gain new perspectives. Connect with other teachers, professionals, and students and go into collaborative discussion with them.

Feel free to check back on this website for a detailed program!

We are looking forward to meeting you!

Simone Fényes, M.A.

Simone Fényes, M.A. (she/her)

Academic Continuing Education
University of Mannheim
Teaching and Learning Center
Schloss – Raum ZEO 094
68161 Mannheim