Exam Registration and Change in Registration

Regular registration period

10 April to 24 April 2024

Early registration period

4 to 14 March 2024

for module examinations in the subject areas “Core Competences”, “Business Economics”, and “Business Administration” in the master’s program “Mannheim Master in Management”

In case there are individual registration periods for certain exams, the teachers will inform you in the respective courses.

    Exam registration
    You need to register for all exams. It is your responsibility to register during the registration period in Portal² under My Studies > Degree Planner. For detailed instructions for exam registration, please see the UNIT website.

    You often have the option to take your written exam either on the regular or the alternate examination date. Should you register for the alternate examination date, please bear in mind that in most cases, you will have to wait a whole year until you can resit the exam in the event that you fail or do not take the exam.

    Exams without overlaps
    In case you have two exams scheduled for one day, we make sure to plan these without overlaps. For us to be able to guarantee this, you need to register for the regular examination date by the last day of the regular registration period and for the alternate examination date by 24 July 2024. In case you register later than that, we cannot guarantee that your exams will not overlap.

    Late registration for an exam
    As a rule, late registration for a written examination is possible until up to three days prior to the exam date (This applies for the regular and the alternate examination date, provided this is an option for the exam in question) in Portal² under My Studies > Degree Planner. Please take note of the information regarding your seat in the exam room.

    For examinations that are not written exams, the deadline for late registration expires on 27 May 2024.

    Change in registration for an exam
    You may change your registration for written exams from the regular to the alternate examination date or vice versa up to three days prior to the regular examination date (provided this is an option for the exam in question) via Portal² under My Studies > Degree Planner.

    Program-specific information
    Additional, possibly differing information on your program of study is available on the websites of your specific field of study:

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