Personnel Management, Career and Development

Family-Friendly Personnel Management

The University of Mannheim places high value on its employees having a good work-life balance. As a chair holder, you can help facilitate this balance by, for example, seeking advice on family-friendly personnel management.

Family-Friendly Personnel Management

Professorial Appointment Procedures

Are you a member of a search committee? Or, do you want to prepare yourself for a future appointment procedure? Tips and guides on gender equality in appointment procedures can help you to select the right candidate.You can attend a simulated appointment procedure and present your project to a mock search committee.

Gender Equality in Appointment Procedures
Simulated Appointment Procedures

Further Training

For researchers, keeping up to date with the latest developments – both within, and outside of, their areas of research – is particularly important. That’s why the University of Mannheim provides training opportunities for employees free of charge or at a reduced price. In addition to courses in IT, rhetoric, foreign languages and teaching, there are also German language courses for international researchers and opportunities to train abroad through the ERASMUS program.    

Studium Generale: Courses in IT, Rhetoric, and Foreign Languages
Improve Your Teaching
German Language Courses for International Researchers
Training Abroad

Career Programs

The University of Mannheim promotes equal opportunities for researchers. With career programs such as Woven PostDoc and Woven Habil, the university provides particular support to early-stage woman researchers as they work towards becoming professors.