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Alternatives to Your Current Program

For information relating to terminating your studies, visit the online portal, Studienabbruch - und dann? (in German), which was created by the Federal Ministry of Education and Research. It helps you make an informed decision and provides a number of reports of people’s experiences.

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This self-reflection tool allows you to evaluate your personal situation. Using the results of the evaluation, you can identify the areas in which you need advice.

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You are welcome to discuss your results with us.

Changing your program of study and/or changing your place of study

Do you like studying but want to change your field or transfer to a different university?

Many decisions had to be made, when you chose your program of study. Likewise, there are many different parameters you can change on the way to your degree: a new focus in your current field of study, a new program, a new city or university or a combination of all of the above.

Please note you will have to apply once again, and you do not have any advantages or disadvantages over others applicants.

Studying at a university of applied sciences / cooperative study programs

Do you like studying but feel that the format of your current program or the combination of theoretical and practical aspects isn’t right for you? Going to a university of applied sciences or a cooperative study program might be the answer. The focus is on applying your knowledge, the degree plan is rather set and usually the groups of students are smaller.

Usually, courses from your first program of study can be recognized.

Vocational training or starting your career

Would you rather take up vocational training or start your career? Students who did not complete their studies are highly sought after by companies offering vocational training because of the skills they have obtained. Often times this allows for a reduced vocational training period or a combination of studies and vocational training.

Please turn to the respective professional associations for further information.


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