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Coaching Program for International Degree-Seeking Students

Both parties may benefit from the coaching program for international degree-seeking students: While the international student will get to know the city of Mannheim from the perspective of a local, the student from Mannheim will learn about another country and perhaps even discover new aspects of his/her own place of study. On the following two pages, you will find detailed information about the program.

  • Information for international degree-seeking students

    Are you an international student who just arrived in Mannheim? Do you have a lot of questions about studying and living in Mannheim and Germany? Are you interested in German culture and would you like to meet German students?

    The coaching program for international students at the University of Mannheim, organized by the International Office, is there to help you settle in. You will be assigned a 'coach' who will assist you in getting used to life in Mannheim and at the university. Your German coach can help you in academic matters, for example. You can also go out for coffee or watch a movie together. At the same time, the coaching program is a great opportunity to meet German students and get to know German culture.

    Do you want to sign up for the program?

    Your admission documents contain a registration form for the coaching program. Please complete and sign the form and send it to the Team International Degree-Seeking Students (see below).


  • Information for local students of the University of Mannheim

    Would you like to help international students to settle in at the university and feel at home in Mannheim? Then sign up for our coaching program!

    Who can sign up?
    Students from all areas of the university who are at least in their 2nd semester and would like to help international students to get started at the University of Mannheim can sign up for the program. Ideally, you should be available for a minimum of one semester.

    What am I expected to do as a coach?
    The 'coach' from Mannheim is supposed to be the respective international student’s first contact in Mannheim. The coach helps with any study-related questions and issues and provides support in a number of situations that are new to the international student (e.g. picking the student up at his/her day of arrival, administrative procedures and searching accommodation). All this is meant to make the first few weeks at the university and in Mannheim easier for the international student.

    What are the advantages of the coaching program?
    The coaching program allows you to meet international students, improve your language proficiency, and increase your intercultural competencies. Therefore, it is good preparation for your own trip abroad. Moreover, it gives you the chance to make new friends!

    How can I register?
    If you are interested and would like to register for the coaching program, please contact the Team International Degree-Seeking Students (See below) at the International Office. We try to consider your degree program and your area of study as much as possible when assigning the students. Therefore, please indicate your program of study and your foreign language skills. We will match you with an international student and you will receive the contact details in August.

Team International Degree-Seeking Students

Team International Degree-Seeking Students

University of Mannheim
Division II - Student Affairs
International Office
L 1, 1 – Room 108
68161 Mannheim
Consultation hour(s):
currently via phone, e–mail or by appointment