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Interviews with supported researchers from Ukraine

The Ukraine Emergency Fund is currently supporting three female researchers and one male researcher with scholarships for one year. We spoke with the three young women to introduce them and their research at the University of Mannheim.

Do Anxious Voters Lean Conservative? 

It is often claimed that people who feel anxious will tend to vote for politicians or parties on the extremes of the political spectrum. But Mannheim researchers have now found that this is not true for all kinds of anxiety. Rather, the political context of the anxiety appears to matter. 

Overly Self-Confident CEOs Avoid Strategic Change in Organizations

A new study from the University of Mannheim’s Business School finds that CEOs with exaggerated self-confidence show a preference for steadiness within organizations.

How Is Digitalization Changing Our Society?

Findings from the state-wide research project digilog@bw are being published on a special blog. 

Coaches of the Future

Researchers at the Mannheim Institute for Sustainable Energy Studies (MISES) at the University of Mannheim are collaborating with Daimler Buses and other partners to develop a concept for zero-emission coaches powered by all-electric drive systems.

How Can Low-Qualified Refugees Participate in the German Labor Market?

That was the question asked by the project “The Skilled Workers of the Future—or the Long-Term Marginalized? Ways of Integrating Low-Qualified Refugees.” The Stiftung Mercator-funded project was headed by Dr. Christoph Sajons from ifm Mannheim.

Research Project Generates New Findings on War Games

For the past two years, Dr. Daniela Kuschel, academic staff member in the department of Romance Literatures and Media Studies, has analyzed how wars in Romance language countries are represented in analog and digital games.