Prizes and awards

A selection of the memorable people of the University of Mannheim.

Michael Meckel in profile

The Ekkehard Foundation was founded by Karl Friedrich Meckel in 1960. Its noble goal: to bring together students from around the world, so that they could meet and understand each other’s points of view. Today, 63 years later, Karl Friedrich’s grandson Michael Meckel and seven other trustees are continuing this work, as the foundation’s goals of world peace and international understanding are as important as ever.

Catching up with …

Actor or diplomat? Those were alumnus Philipp Bremer’s dream jobs, which at first glance you might think could not be more different. Today, he is neither an actor nor a diplomat. But as head of the Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung (KAS)’s Rule of Law Program Middle East and North Africa, he has found a way to combine elements of both careers.

Welcome to the University of Mannheim

Five new professors introduce themselves.