Campus Life

Elite sports

Elea Börsig and Amelie Möllmann are top athletes and students at the University of Mannheim. Find out how they juggle their studies and top-level sport.

A visit to the archives

In the University of Mannheim’s archives, over 800 meters of files are carefully conserved, cataloged, and prepared for research purposes. Alongside written materials, the underground archives also contain trophies, posters, and photographs that bear witness to bygone eras. Join us as we delve into the university’s history.

Ehrenhof Ost refurbished

Ehrenhof Ost was a construction site for three years — a span of time that created real challenges for the university and its staff and students as ongoing work put many lecture halls, seminar rooms, and offices out of bounds and made it necessary to find alternatives. Since the fall semester, this wing of the Schloss has been open again. We have taken a look at the freshly refurbished rooms for FORUM.

A chat with Tim Schäcker

From Mannheim to the world: 24-year-old Tim Schäcker is a bona fide social media star. He and his four friends, collectively known as the Elevator Boys, shot to fame with their TikTok videos. The social media creators have been touring the world ever since. And yet, as he explained to us, he often thinks back to his time studying at Mannheim.