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Our Services

We support you in every phase of your project, no matter whether you are planning, implementing or evaluating your project. 

In addition to regular information events on the application requirements and framework conditions and our workshops, you can benefit from the following services: 

  • Continuous support for all projects funded

    Benefit from our didactic and technical competencies when developing and implementing your course. Our approach is well-structured: With e-mails, virtual/digital and in-person consultations, workshops and forums we will support you during every step of your project.

    In individual and group meetings, we will answer any questions you may have on your teaching projects. Together we will specify the requirements at the interface between educational development and technical equipment. We keep the goal in mind and support you when using the technical solution you have chosen. We help you, for example, by creating a prototype in ILIAS or by providing you with instructions on how to use video editing software. In addition, we organize workshops on how to develop ideas and meetings where you can get to know other project teams and receive valuable input for your project. If required, we also have student assistants who can support you by entering repeating information in ILIAS or can edit teaching videos for you. 

  • Assistance in assessing the feasibility of project ideas

    A realistic estimate of the time as well as of the financial and technical means required for a project is crucial to make it successful.  

    However, the requirements of a project idea are not always perfectly clear. We recommend that you contact us while you are still developing your idea, so that we can discuss the critical questions that may be asked with regard to the feasibility of your project. This applies in particular if you plan on using external software or want to try a certain approach for the first time. This way, you can make sure that an application that is very good in terms of content is also feasible.  

    Of course, we also support you during the implementation phase of your project. 

  • Consultations on using technical solutions for educational development

    In educational development, there are many technical solutions to design courses that are varied and support the students’ learning process.  

    The InnoMA team is happy to advise you on existing applications, e.g. on how to select ILIAS objects that fit the learning activity you have planned or on how to improve the quality of learning videos by using the video editing software  Camtasia  (as described in detail in the section “Assistance in video productions”).  

    We can also check additional tools and software, provided that the expected financial and personnel expenses do not exceed the added value in the field of didactics. 

  • Assistance in video productions

    When producing videos, you can rely on various support services to improve the quality of your learning videos. 

    You have the option to use a video production studio for professional recordings. No matter if you recorded your video in a production studio, on campus or at home: After prior consultation, the InnoMA team is happy to cut and  produce the videos for you. For example, we can also insert tables of content, or subtitles, cut videos into smaller clips or combine several small clips for a longer video, as well as make your video available on ILIAS for streaming or for downloading. 

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Individual advice and support for your project.