War in the Middle East

Partner universities of the University of Mannheim affected / Exchange students from Mannheim are safe

The University of Mannheim maintains close partnerships with universities all over the world. Amongst them are Tel Aviv University, University of Haifa and Reichman University in Israel. Long-standing as well as newer friendship ties, appreciation and international exchange link us to these partners. Last week, when we heard about the horrific terrorist attacks in Israel, we were in dismay and consternation about their enormous extent and their brutality. Sadly, at least one of our partner universities is also mourning members.

We are in close contact with our Israeli partners and have expressed our deepest sympathies and our support to them. The exchange students from the University of Mannheim who were in Israel at the time of the attacks are safe as they have left the country by now.

The University of Mannheim is grieving with people of any nationality and descent who lost family, relatives and friends in the brutal attacks and their horrific backwash. Our thoughts are with the people in Israel and the Palestine territories, particularly with the victims, the hostages and their relatives as well as with our partner universities and their members.

For all members of the university who need support and help during this difficult time, the University of Mannheim has named a single point of contact. Please refer to:

Lutz Pöhlmann
Director of the President’s Office
E-Mail: lutz.poehlmannmail-uni-mannheim.de
Schloss Ostflügel
68161 Mannheim
Phone: +49 621 181-1002