Important information on forwarding e-mails

Automatic forwarding of e-mails to private e-mail addresses must be deactivated.

In the last few weeks, the University of Mannheim was once again subject to a blocking by Microsoft. As a result, e-mails were not delivered.

The reason were forwarding settings to private e-mail accounts. Due to the high number of forwarded e-mails, the University of Mannheim was categorized as an untrustworthy sender and was blocked. The University IT was able to act quickly and resolve the issue, however, we need your support to avoid this problem in the future. Please do not set up automatic forwarding to private e-mail addresses and deactivate current forwarding settings in our webmail system Horde. Please find the instructions here. Internal forwarding settings to a university e-mail address are of course still possible and can remain in place.

You have the possibility to work on your e-mails and calendar directly in Horde or via an e-mail software on your device. In the following instructions, we show you how to connect your e-mail account with Outlook or Thunderbird and how to receive your e-mail on your iPhone or iPad:

All information on our services “E-Mails and Calendar” is available on the website of the University IT:

E-mail & calendar for students

If you have any questions or problems, please do not hesitate to contact the IT support team. Call 0621-181-2000 or e-mail for support.