Eine Person hält ein aufgeschlagenes Gesetzbuch in beiden Händen. Darunter liegt eine blaue Mappe. Auf dieser Mappe steht das Wort Bewerbung.

Selection Process

The selection process consists of two rounds: In the first round, the InnoMA team will check all applications submitted for completeness and feasibility. They will also check how well the topic fits the InnoMA project. The review will then be forwarded to the selection committee described below. The selection committee will then decide on the grant application based on the selection criteria. The applicants will then be informed about the decision.

  • Selection criteria

    Teaching methods that focus on the students, are didactically valuable, innovative and transferable are eligible for funding. It would be best if these methods could also be used in an international setting, in order to strengthen the university alliance ENGAGE.EU.

  • Selection committee

    On a regular basis, a university committee will decide which project ideas will be funded by InnoMA. The committee consists of the Vice President for Student Affairs and Teaching, the head of the Center of Learning Environment Development and representatives from the Schools, teachers and students.