Stiftung Kommunikations- und Medienwissenschaften

Dr. Hans-Joachim Treutler was the founder of the Mannheim-based company Promarketing GmbH. The entrepreneur has been supporting the University of Mannheim for many years. Back in 1985, he founded the Stiftung Marketing which deals with the promotion of research and teaching in business administration, particularly in the field of marketing. After that, he established the Stiftung Kommunikations- und Medienwissenschaften in the nineties. This foundation supports graduates and young researchers who wrote an outstanding final thesis in the field of media and communication studies. In addition, Dr. Hajo Treutler was a personal member of the Sponsors' Association for Science and Practice at the Centre for European Economic Research, and of the Freunde der Universität Mannheim. The University of Mannheim awarded him the University Medal for his merits. Sponsors within and outside the university also repeatedly help financing the prizes with smaller amounts.

Foundation council:
Prof. Dr. Frederik Armknecht
Prof. Dr. Justus Fetscher
Prof. Dr. Claudia Gronemann (representative of the foundation council)
Prof. Dr. Annette Kehnel (Vice President of the University)
Prof. Dr. Matthias Kohring
Prof. Dr. Florian Kraus

Purpose of the foundation

The foundation was established by the Mannheim entrepreneur Dr. Hans-Joachim Treutler. Click  here to see the statutes.

Its mission is to promote outstanding achievements in the field of media and communication research. Prizes are given for excellent final theses written by graduates and for doctoral dissertations by young researchers in the field in question.

The prize recognizes theses or dissertations in the field of traditional media and communication studies, but also theses or dissertations with a clear media and communication related approach from humanities and social sciences, computer science and business administration. This disciplinary openness is part of our program, because we want to promote not only high-quality theses and dissertations, but also the choice of unconventional approaches and innovative research subjects.

Application process:
Supervisors of final theses and dissertations at the University of Mannheim may submit a suggestion for the annual presentation of the prize.

The following documents need to be attached to the application:

  • a favorable statement by the teacher
  • an electronic version of the thesis or dissertation and, if applicable, the bibliographic information of the book
  • one evaluation for master's or diplom theses and two evaluations for doctoral dissertations
  • a short version of the author’s CV including the current address
  • the signed data privacy form

Impressions of the prize ceremonies

Please note that candidates who have already received the prize of the KMW-Stiftung once, cannot be considered again. This also applies, if the thesis suggested has already been awarded another prize of the University of Mannheim. Please suggest only one thesis for each category (bachelor’s thesis, master’s thesis, dissertation) per year and indicate on-going nominations or awards received by other foundations.

Donations account:

Universität Mannheim
BW Bank Mannheim
Account number: 7496501051
Bank code (BLZ) 600 501 01
Payment reference „Stiftung K + M, BuSt. 1307020311“


Karin Schulz-Kaltenbach

Karin Schulz-Kaltenbach

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Prof. Dr. Claudia Gronemann

Prof. Dr. Claudia Gronemann

Chair holder / Vice Dean for Research, Yound Researchers; Equal Opportunities Commissioner
University of Mannheim
Department of Romance Languages
L 15, 1–6 – Room A 120
68161 Mannheim
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