Julia Frank, M.A.

Julia Frank, M.A.

Current job:
Trainee in the corporate communications department of Deutsche Bahn

Studies in Mannheim:
Media and Communication Studies

Highest degree:


During my bachelor’s program in Media and Communication Studies at the University of Mannheim, I was able to gain plenty of practical experience alongside my studies. I completed several internships in the fields of marketing and communications and was a student assistant at the Institute of Sports of the University of Mannheim, where I was in charge of the social media channels. After that, I wanted to study abroad, pursuing a more practice-oriented approach. That is why I decided to go to the Netherlands for my master’s. Since my focus on media never vanished, I started my studies of Media & Business at the Erasmus University Rotterdam and took on tasks as a representative of the student body. In July 2019, I graduated from my master's program and completed an internship in PR at Sony Germany. Since November 2019, I have been working as a trainee in the corporate communications department of Deutsche Bahn in Berlin.

Tips for starting your career

Students interested in media and communications should gain as much practical experience as possible through internships and working student positions. This is what helped me find out my interests and made entering professional life easier. Having a master’s degree in your pocket often proves to be beneficial when applying for a job at major corporations.

Relevance of the studied program

Studying at the University of Mannheim sparked my interest in strategic PR and also showed me what career path I would like to pursue. For this reason, I tried to gain as much practical experience during my studies as possible. Whenever it was possible, I chose my courses according to those interests. The bachelor’s program also prepared me well for my master’s program, especially in terms of methods and theoretical knowledge.

 Last updated: February 2023
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