Julian Akich, LL.B.

Julian Akich, LL.B.

Current job:
Commercial Managing Director at Horn Group, lawyer

Studies in Mannheim:

Highest degree:
State examination


Before I began my studies, I was part of the sports promotion section of the Bundeswehr and a member of the German national taekwondo team. Thanks to the Elite Sports Scholarship Rhine-Neckar Metropolitan Region, I was able to pursue a career as a lawyer alongside my commitment to taekwondo. After I completed my bachelor's degree in Business Law at the University of Mannheim, I worked in an accountancy firm for seven years. Then I resumed my studies in order to take the first state examination in Law. During my Referendariat, I worked as a consultant for the management team of Horn Group. In 2016, I was appointed managing director and representative of the company. In 2019, I completed the second state examination in Law and founded my own law firm, specializing in tax and corporate law. I primarily advise on corporate transactions or successions. In addition to legal advice, my services also include conducting negotiations for my clients.

Tips for starting your career

Finding your personal calling is not as complicated as countless career coaches make you believe. I would recommend students to ask themselves three questions:

  1. What do I enjoy?
  2. What am I good at?
  3. How can I earn money?

The aspects all three answers have in common might hint to your ideal profession. I like to read, but I cannot earn any money with it. I like to cook, but I am not good at it. I like to negotiate. I am good at it, and I can earn money with it. I believe that professional life will only make you happy if the job fills you with joy.

Relevance of the studied program

The bachelor’s program was important in that it helped me stand out from other lawyers who are not necessarily proficient at economics. What other graduates have to teach themselves after their examination, Mannheim graduates already know. The courses were excellent, and I benefit from that knowledge to this day. At the age of 21, I was unsure whether I wanted to become a lawyer or pursue another academic career after my bachelor's degree. Sports scholarships in Germany act on a bold maxim: “dual career”. However, there are few options that do justice to this motto. Top German athletes in niche sports regularly develop health and financial problems. Entering professional life is often difficult for them—perhaps because their grades are slightly worse or because they did not go abroad or do internships. The sports scholarship provided a substantial support in terms of reconciling sports and academic education. Even after my studies, I still benefit from the network of former top athletes of the University of Mannheim. The life story of sponsor Klaus Greinert was an inspiration to me. I express my special thanks to him.

 Last updated: February 2023


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