Blood donation campaign at the University

Katakomben, Schloss Mannheim

The General Student Committee (AStA) and the Stabsstelle Arbeitssicherheit of the University of Mannheim are jointly calling for blood donations.

Blood reserves are often in short supply, especially in emergencies or at certain times of the year. Every blood donation can save up to three lives and is essential for operations, the treatment of chronic diseases or after accidents.

With a simple prick and a few minutes of rest, anyone can become a lifesaver. Donating blood is not only an act of charity, but also strengthens the entire healthcare system. At a time when solidarity and a sense of community are particularly in demand, donating blood offers a direct and uncomplicated way to actively take responsibility.

Anyone wishing to take part must register for the event via the DRK website:

Participation is considered working time for university employees.