The Psychonomic Society is hosting the OWCPS from now on

Kick-off on September 22nd

We are thankful to the Psychonomic Society for their commitment to hosting the One World Cognitive Psychology Seminar series from now on.

The seminar program for this academic year and further information on the seminar series can be found here.

The kick-off will be on Wednesday September 22nd at 5:15 CET with Jeremy Wolfe on “If You Don't Find It Often, You Often Don't Find It: Effects of Target Prevalence in Visual Search and Decision Making”. You can sign up for this talk via the website. Of course, the OWCPS remains free and open to all (i.e., you do not need to bea member of the Psychonomic Society to sign up).

We would like to thank all speakers and weekly followers of the OWCPS of previous academic years and we are looking forward to further interesting presentations!