Focused Tutorial on Capturing, Enriching, Disseminating Research Data Objects

BERD Academy

Hybrid, University of Mannheim

Use Cases from Text+, NFDI4Culture and BERD@NFDI

This cross disciplinary focused tutorial on tools and methods provides short introductions of use cases from the NDFI consortia NFDI4Culture, Text+ and BERD@NFDI. The presented use cases refer to capturing, enriching, and disseminating research data objects. Capturing involves the production of digital surrogates (e.g. with OCR) or the representation of existing artifacts in a digital representation (e.g. transcription). This is followed by enriching (e.g. annotating, tagging and associating) research data objects and is summarized with disseminating them, e.g. making them available and sharing them to support collaboration and reuse.

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