Prof. Dr. Annette Kehnel Wins NDR Sachbuchpreis

Kehnel wins the NDR Sachbuchpreis, a non-fiction book prize of the northern German broadcasting company NDR, for her book “Wir konnten auch anders”.

The historian Prof. Dr. Annette Kehnel won the NDR Sachbuchpreis 2021 for her book “Wir konnten auch anders”. In this book she describes what sustainable forms of life and economic systems of the pre-modern era can teach us for our future.

“Annette Kehnel manages to use the incredible power of the book for societal understanding. Her writing style is very comprehensible and both well-founded and entertaining,” says Katja Marx, president of the jury, about the laureate.

The prize with the value of 15,000 euros was awarded on 7 November during a formal gala of the “Göttinger Literaturherbst”, a literature festival that takes place in the city of Göttingen each fall.

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