Two Professors Are Now Members of the Board of the Friedrich Engelhorn Archive / Students Receive Award for Outstanding Papers

Professor Dr. Hiram Kümper and auxiliary professor (außerplanmäßiger Professor) Dr. Wilhelm Kreutz are now members of the board of the Friedrich Friedrich Engelhorn archive / Two students receive the Friedrich Engelhorn prize for industrial history

Since mid-July, Hiram Kümper, holder of the Chair of History of the Late Middle Ages and the Early Modern Age, and Wilhelm Kreutz, auxiliary professor (außerplanmäßiger Professor) at the Chair of Modern History, are new members of the board of the Friedrich Engelhorn archive (Friedrich-Engelhorn-Archiv). The archive contains the family history of the large Engelhorn family, supports research projects on the family’s history and the regional economic history and organizes events. In their new function, the two historians are, inter alia, responsible for the research projects of the archive.

To mark Friedrich Engelhorn’s 200th birthday on 17 July 2021, the archive, the Department of History at the University of Mannheim and BASF have organized a symposium. Joshua Haberkern and Christoph Schlömer , students at the University of Mannheim, were awarded the Friedrich Engelhorn prize for industrial history (Friedrich-Engelhorn-Preis für Industriegeschichte) for their excellent writing assignments. Haberkern focused on Engelhorn’s membership in the citizen’s milia (Bürgerwehr) during the Baden Revolution. Schlömer used a model of a “synthetic Electoral Palatinate” to analyze the importance of BASF for the region’s innovative system in the late 19th and early 20th century. They wrote their papers as part of an interdisciplinary advanced seminar with students from the fields of Economics, History, and Economic and Business Education.

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