Economic perspectives on social challenges

The German Research Foundation (DFG) approved the extension of the SFB/Transregio “Economic Perspectives on Societal Challenges” for another funding period yesterday. The University of Mannheim will be the host university for the next four years.

Press release, 26 November 2021
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The Collaborative Research Center Transregio 224 “Economic Perspectives on Societal Challenges”, established in 2018, is a cooperation between the University of Bonn and the University of Mannheim. In different project fields, the researchers address three key societal challenges: how to promote equality of opportunity, how to regulate markets in light of the internationalization and digitalization of economic activity, and how to safeguard the stability of the financial system. The researchers consider these challenges to be inherently interconnected. The goal of the CRC is to analyze them and make policy proposals for addressing them.

In the second funding period, the CRC’s research program will be complemented by two new projects on “Behavioral Determinants of Labor Market Inequalities” and “Heterogeneity, Financial Frictions and Macroeconomic Stabilization”. The CRC thus integrates a new labor market perspective on the one hand and broadens the macroeconomic focus of its research program on the other. The impact of the Covid-19 pandemic on the CRC's project fields will remain part of the research activities in the second funding period.

“In its first four years, the Collaborative Research Center has not only delivered scientific contributions at the highest international level, but has also established innovative and powerful structures in the promotion of young researchers and in science communication,” says economist Prof. Sven Rady of the University of Bonn. “As the spokesperson for the first funding period, I am very proud of what has been achieved and look forward to the further development of our research network under the leadership of my colleague Volker Nocke.”

“For many years, the Universities of Bonn and Mannheim have already created an environment for cutting-edge economic research that is unique in Germany. The DFG's decision to continue funding the Collaborative Research Center to an even greater extent than before is the well-deserved result of these efforts, but above all it is a huge success for the researchers involved,” emphasizes Prof. Volker Nocke from the University of Mannheim, who will chair the Collaborative Research Center as its speaker for the next four years.

In terms of content, the CRC Transregio 224 is very closely linked to the Transdisciplinary Research Area “Individuals and Societies” at the University of Bonn through its research on important societal challenges. At the same time, its research methods also contribute to the mathematically oriented Transdisciplinary Research Area “Modelling”.

Funding amount: 11 million euros

Speaker: Prof. Dr. Volker Nocke, University of Mannheim

Co-speaker: Prof. Dr. Sven Rady, University of Bonn (speaker of the first funding period)

Prof. Volker Nocke, Ph.D.
Chair in Microeconomics
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Research Communication
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