Daniel Barth

Daniel Barth

Current job:
Head of Human Resources/legal adviser (Bauhaus AG)

Studies in Mannheim:

Highest degree:
Second state examination in Law


Until 1997, I studied Law in Mannheim and vividly remember my student life today. After completing my studies and the preparatory service, I took a specialization course for lawyers and worked in a law firm for one year. Then I started working as a lawyer at Bauhaus AG where I contributed to the establishment of a legal department, and performed tasks in many different legal fields and departments. Later on in my career I focused on personnel law and HR and lead the expansion of the central HR unit, which I am heading today. A job in both HR and law is multifaceted and highly dynamic. As a manager in this area, I am also interacting closely with other people.

Tips for starting your career

When starting your career, you should never be biased and have an interest in different topics and fields. If you educate yourself in areas that go beyond the job you envisage, you will have better chances of finding a job. As to me, credibility and responsibility are decisive factors for the long term. I would encourage students to be bold and accept making mistakes—you will often learn from them.

Relevance of the studied program

Thanks to the program in Law, I learned to understand how states and societies work. I also appreciated learning something about value decisions, which are the foundation of cultures. What makes law so intriguing to me are the logic order on the one side, and the necessity to consider individual particularities and interests on the other.

 Last updated: February 2023


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