Professor Susi Geiger, Ph.D.

Professor Susi Geiger, Ph.D.

Current job:
Full Professor of Marketing & Market Studies, University College Dublin

Studies in Mannheim:
German Studies and Business Administration

Highest degree:
Magister Artium/doctorate


Expanding my horizon intellectually as well as geographically and culturally has always been important to me. For this reason, I spent two semesters as an exchange student in Paris at SciencesPo and two semesters at Sorbonne Nouvelle. After completing my Magister degree in 1996, I spent a year establishing a customer database in the marketing department of Siemens in Dublin, before the company Diageo offered by a doctoral fellowship through Dublin City University. After having earned my doctorate, I immediately found a position as “Assistant Professor” at Smurfit School of Business at University College Dublin. I have worked there ever since and now I am a professor and head of a big European research project. As an intellectual and global nomad, I spent two sabbaticals at the University of Auckland and the University of California, Berkeley and was a visiting professor in Sweden and France.

Tips for starting your career

Given my personal background, it is probably not surprising that I recommend a position abroad to all young professionals, if that is possible. In terms of both personal and professional growth, I think the experience you gain when interacting with different people and cultures is invaluable. Even if it is not possible for you to work abroad, I think it is important to be proficient in various languages and in multicultural environments – also with regard to the fact that most organizations are global players. In addition, I firmly believe that you should look for a profession, and above all, an organization with a corporate culture that fits your own needs. Most people underestimate the influence corporate culture has on our well-being and professional success. No matter, if you’d rather work at Google or a traditional bank: Be aware of what you expect from a sector or a company in the best-case scenario and adjust your search accordingly!

Relevance of the studied program

I built the foundation of my career at the University of Mannheim. First, by spending the semesters abroad in Paris and second, by being able to combine two very different subjects. For me, this was the ideal basis for a happy and successful time at university. In addition, in both German Studies and Business Administration, the professors were able to inspire students and stimulate a great thirst of knowledge. I still use that as a model when dealing with my own students.

 Last updated: February 2023


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