Tanja Bader, Dipl.-Soz.wiss.

Tanja Bader, Dipl.-Soz.wiss.

Current job:
Business Unit Manager Dermatology at AbbVie AG Switzerland

Studies in Mannheim:
Social Sciences

Highest degree:


I pursued a Diplom degree in Social Sciences at the University of Mannheim and also worked as a research assistant at the Center for Surveys, Methods, and Analyses (ZUMA). The first job I had after graduating was at a market research institute, where I was mainly responsible for monitoring and conducting qualitative surveys. After two years, I wanted to be more involved in implementing market research results, which is why I changed to the market research department of a pharmaceutical company. Over the next ten years, I occupied various positions in the company in Germany and Switzerland. I worked in innovation, project, product, and strategy management and got to know different therapeutic areas. Since 2017, I have been the Business Unit Manager Dermatology. I am in charge of the marketing and sales of a drug used to treat chronic inflammatory skin conditions.

Tips for starting your career

People are often astonished since I ended up in a subject that is fairly unusual for a social scientist. For this reason, I would advise students to accept a scientific position without hesitation.

Relevance of the studied program

Throughout my studies, I obtained a solid understanding of statistics and received a well-rounded education. I learned to work and solve problems independently. This has helped me throughout my career to dive deeper into new topics.

 Last updated: February 2023


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