University entrance qualification

If you want to study in Germany, you must hold a university entrance qualification. The University Entrance Qualification is a diploma/ leaving certificate that allows /allowed you to start your bachelor’s degree course at university (e.g. high school diploma, attestat, baccalaureat, bachillerato, general certificate of education, etc.).

The following information is for applicants who hold the German citizenship:

The Abitur is a German university entrance qualification. Completing it enables you to apply to study any subject.

Fachgebundene Hochschulreife
With this German qualification, you can only study a program relating to a specific subject, which is stated on your certificate. If you want to study a different subject, however, you can take the Deltaprüfung test, which is only available in German, to qualify.

Qualification obtained at a university of applied sciences in Germany
This type of qualification is not sufficient for admission to the University of Mannheim. But you can qualify for study at a university in Baden-Württemberg by completing the Deltaprüfung test, which is only available in German.

Qualification obtained outside of Germany
The number of applications we receive from international applicants is increasing. Often, these applicants are required to submit a document which recognizes their qualification as equivalent to a qualification issued in Germany.
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Vocational qualification
Applicants who did not take the Abitur may be admitted based on a vocational qualification. They must, however, have a good level of German proficiency.
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Information for international applicants with international university entrance qualifications

Foreign documents can only be accepted in German or English language or translation. If your documents are written in another language, a translation of the relevant documents in German or English is required in addition to the copy of the original certificate. All certificates must be translated by a sworn translator.

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