New Website on “Sustainability at the University of Mannheim”

The new website on “Sustainability at the University of Mannheim” provides you with information about the university’s sustainability activities on campus and beyond.

Over the past few years, the University of Mannheim has stepped up its efforts to make the campus more sustainable: a Vice President for Sustainability, the “Studium Oecologicum” program, and the working group on sustainability are but a few novelties. The new website puts more emphasis than before on the great variety of activities carried out by the members of the university. For example, more attention is now devoted to the working group “Sustainability at the University of Mannheim” and the different research and teaching activities concerning sustainability at the university, such as publications on the topic.

In addition, people interested can learn more about how to get involved in student organizations or participate in events like the kids' university. The website also provides information on sustainability-related news and events offered by the university and its partners.

To the website: Sustainability at the University of Mannheim