Professor Janeba Contributes to Leopoldina Statement on Economic Consequences of the Pandemic

Dr. Eckhard Janeba, Professor of Economics at the University of Mannheim, co-authored the expert opinion on the economic consequences of the coronavirus pandemic, published by the German National Academy of Sciences, Leopoldina. For the statement, he analyzed Germany’s public finances, public investments, and a reform of the debt brake (Schuldenbremse).

In its expert opinion on the economic consequences of the coronavirus pandemic (“Ökonomische Konsequenzen der Coronavirus-Pandemie – Diagnosen und Handlungsoptionen”), the Leopoldina analyzes the current economic and socio-political situation and shows possible ways to master the upcoming structural change. The scientists show options for action in four areas: Structural change and requirements for sustainable economic growth, inequality and distribution, performance of state organizations on the national and international level as well as sustainability of public finances.

The economist Janeba co-authored the statement. For visualizing the sustainability of the public finances, the internationally renowned researcher used, inter alia, a model calculation to analyze the public debt quota until 2050.

See the Leopoldina statement (in German).