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Climate Protection Paying Off Twice

Before the EU Emissions Trading System (EU ETS) was introduced in 2005, the earth’s atmosphere was a convenient way for humans to dispose of their waste seemingly limitlessly and cost-free. But ever since the EU intervened, industrial enterprises and power plants have had to pay a fee to use the space that used to be free. Mannheim-based environmental economist Prof. Ulrich Wagner, Ph.D., is studying the effectiveness and impact of this measure in his ERC-funded “HEAL” project.

Energy Islands in the Heart of Europe

What do the San Raffaele Hospital in Segrate near Milan, Poznan University of Technology in Poland and a new housing development in the port of Ghent all have in common? At first sight, truly not a lot. And yet, there is something that unites them: At each of these locations in the heart of Europe, energy islands will be established.

An Institute for Sustainability

CO2 – a molecule everyone is talking about. The global community must significantly reduce its carbon footprint in the future and stop fossil fuel extraction to control global warming. Clean energy solutions are necessary, decarbonization is coming. However: How expensive will the energy transition be for the world’s economies? At the Mannheim Institute for Sustainable Energy Studies (MISES), the team led by Prof. Stefan Reichelstein, Ph.D., addresses precisely this question.