Step 2: What Kind of Programs Are Offered?

Start with your interests, skills, goals and career aspirations to find a suitable program. In order to keep track of the wide range of options, think about your general interests and the type of program you might be interested in.

  • Find suitable fields of study, areas of study and programs

    Start with your our interests, skills, goals and career aspirations to find a suitable program.

    Fields of study


    Science, Mathematics, Informatics

    Agriculture and Forestry

    Medicine, Health Care

    Law and Business Administration and Economics

    Social Sciences, Sports

    Linguistics and Cultural Studies, Art and Design

    Teacher Education

    Public Administration

    Areas of study

    Use the websites of to find out which fields of study you are interested in and prioritize your choices.

    Useful questions: What do I like about the area of study? What do I not like? Why do I find the area interesting?


    Based on your priorities, you can now search for suitable programs within the areas of study. You can use the database of the Higher Education Compass for this purpose. You will find more detailed information on the programs you are interested in on the websites of the universities.

    The University of Mannheim offers 33 bachelor's programs which are described in more detail in the program descriptions.

  • Useful information: From field to program

    In order to simplify orientation within the extensive range of programs offered, similar programs are combined in areas of study and similar areas of study are combined in fields of study. Before you take a closer look at certain programs, it might be helpful to first consider which fields and areas of study you are interested in. This way you can focus on the areas that fit your interests and skills.


    Field of study

    Areas of study

    Programs at the University of Mannheim

    Linguistics and Cultural Studies

    German Studies

    History and Classical Studies

    Cultural Studies


    Linguistics and Speech Sciences

    German Studies: Language, Literature, Media


    Current English Linguistics and Literary Studies

    Romance Languages, Literatures, Media

  • Useful information: University or university of applied sciences

    When asking yourself whether you want to study or perhaps prefer a vocational training, you should also consider what type of institution suits you best. Studying at a university differs from studying at a university of applied sciences. At a university, for example, you are able to organize your program more individually or focus on research.

  • Advice and support

    • Aptitude tests can help you to identify interests and skills as well as suitable fields and areas of study. These tests will give you an initial idea and tips what to focus on. If you want to study in Baden-Württemberg, you have to submit proof that you have participated in such a test with your application.
    • Self-assessment and expectations tests allow you to take a closer look at certain programs and compare whether your expectations match the requirements of the programs.
    • If you want to learn more about the programs of the University of Mannheim, you are welcome to make an appointment with the Student Advising Center.

What is a university entrance qualification, what does enrollment mean and what are ECTS credits? Surely, you will come across many new terms. Our glossary sheds light on the most important terms.