Virtual Machines in the bwCloud

Virtual machines are servers that virtually replicate the operating systems and hardware of physical computers. Researchers and students at the University of Mannheim can use them, for example, to provide web applications, to perform complex calculations, or to test programs, regardless of their hardware or the operating system installed on their computer.

They can access virtual machines with good processing performance and capacity through the bwCloud. The bwCloud is a project that involves universities across Baden-Württemberg. It is currently in development and is constantly being expanded and improved.

You can register for access using your central log-in details assigned by the University IT.


Contact the support team in the University IT if you have any questions on virtual machines or the bwCloud.

Virtual Machines and Teaching

Virtual machines also work well in lectures and exercise courses. You can use them to ensure, for instance, that your students can access programs or quizzes at home without any problems even though they might use different operating systems.




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