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Sometimes working on a research project can lead to good business ideas.  The University of Mannheim supports its researchers and their partner institutions in founding start-ups, ensuring that they have the opportunity to take their ideas further.

  • Start-Up Advice from the MAFINEX Gründerverbund

    The MAFINEX Gründerverbund is an association that supports innovative start-ups in the Rhine-Neckar region. It not only provides advice for start-ups and start-up projects, it also organizes seminars, presentations and workshops on topics relevant to founding a company, such as market entry strategies, social media relations, and management. If you have a specific question, MAFINEX can put you in touch with a contact from their business network. Please contact Ms. Wilkens or Mr. Henel if you would like to find out more about the services offered by MAFINEX. 

    Sonja Wilkens


    Existenzgründung, öffentliche Finanzierungshilfen
    University of Mannheim
    Stadt Mannheim Fachbereich für Wirtschafts- und Strukturförderung Rathaus E5
    68159 Mannheim
    Phone: +49 621 293-3665
    Fax: +49 621 293-9850
    E-mail: Sonja.Wilkens(at)
    Matthias Henel


    Existenzgründungsberatung Start im Quadrat, Gründerverbund
    University of Mannheim
    Stadt Mannheim Fachbereich für Wirtschafts- und Strukturförderung Rathaus E5
    68159 Mannheim
    Phone: +49 621 293-2154
    E-mail: Matthias.Henel(at)
  • MCEI Events and Start-Up Support

    The Mannheim Center for Entrepreneurship and Innovation (MCEI) at the University of Mannheim also supports start-up founders. For example, you can take part in the ABSOLVENTUM mentoring program, or attend an informal start-up lounge event or a founder talk and share your ideas and experiences with other company founders, young entrepreneurs and potential investors. You can also work with students to come up with concrete solutions by inviting them to complete a project for a seminar or to write their final thesis at your company. The INTEGRA e.V. student business consultants can take on consultancy projects and advise you free of charge. You can use the fully equipped MCEI DesignLAB to put your ideas into practice. If you have any questions on the services provided by MCEI, or would like your start-up to get involved with a project, please contact Dr. Zybura. 

    Dr. Jan Zybura


    Academic Staff Member
    University of Mannheim
    MCEI/ Institute for SME Research and Entrepreneurship
    L 9, 1-2 – Room 110
    68131 Mannheim
    Phone: +49 621 181-3485
    E-mail: jan(at)
    Web: Research Gate Profile
  • Federal Funding Programs

    Federal ministries have also established funding programs such as the EXIST Business Start-up Grant to support start-ups founded by researchers. Please contact Mr. Fäth oder Dr. Börmel to find out more about the application requirements.

    Christian Fäth


    Stellv. Dezernatsleitung; Schwerpunkt: Bundes- und Landesministerien
    University of Mannheim
    Dezernat I – Forschungsangelegenheiten, Controlling und QM L 1, 1 – Room 328
    68161 Mannheim
    Phone: +49 621 181-1144
    Fax: +49 621 181-1022
    E-mail: faeth(at)