In 2021, some InnoMA pilot projects already started. Various schools are involved in these projects that represent the different departments at the University of Mannheim. For more information on the initial projects, please see below:


  • CoTutor

    • School of Social Sciences
    • Project manager: Prof. Dr. Stefan Münzer 
    • A digital system for learning questions (CoTutor) for individual learning will be offered to support the lecture that introduces to psychology of Education (“Einführung in die Bildungspsychologie”). The system promotes deeper learning and aims at improving the learning progress by adding detailed information about the correct answer if students have chosen the wrong answer (distractors). In addition, a repetition mechanism (retrieval practice) has been integrated. The system has been tested during two semesters. The students’ use was analyzed based on the evidence of the digital learning process data. The system will now be further developed to provide targeted support for metacognitive processes, self-regulated learning processes and elaborative cognitive learning strategies.