Internal employee training situation

Continuing Education and Training

Qualified, motivated, and dedicated employees are essential if a university is to remain competitive and efficient in the face of rapid technological and social change. Continuing education and training for our employees thus plays a very important role at the University of Mannheim. As an educational institution, we appreciate and encourage our employees' willingness to engage in lifelong learning, providing them with a wide range of opportunities.

Extensive opportunities for continuing education and training:

  • The University of Mannheim offers in-house continuing education and training programs in a wide variety of areas such as university and the world of work, budget and accounting procedures, internationalization, secretarial services, communication, time and self-management, English language courses, occupational safety, IT and office, executive training, and, first aid programs.
  • The University of Mannheim also cooperates with external partners for subject-specific continuing education and training.
  • Staff members of the university are entitled to participate in the wide range of continuing education and training courses offered by Studium Generale at a reduced rate.
  • And the Erasmus+ program enables researchers, teachers, and non-academic staff members of the University of Mannheim to spend time abroad – whether for training purposes or for short-term teaching placements.
  • Programs for guest students

Special career development programs for researchers:

The University of Mannheim promotes equal opportunity in research and teaching. With programs such as Mentoring and Training or the acadeMIA doctoral program the university provides particular support to early-stage woman researchers as they work towards becoming professors.

Special programs for teachers:

The University of Mannheim’s Teaching and Learning Center (ZLL) offers special training and continuing education for teachers and tutors.

Staff members can find more detailed information and options for registration on our intranet pages.