Aditya Jayaram, M.Sc.

Aditya Jayaram, M.Sc.

Current job:
Senior Sales Consultant at a medical technology company (2023)

Studies in Mannheim:
Business Administration

Highest degree:


During my MMM studies in Mannheim, I participated in a course at chemical producer BASF and conducted multiple case studies at companies like DHL and Camelot. Besides, I was a working student at SAP for more than two years. Today, I work as a Sales Consultant at a medical technology company in Heidelberg. We develop medical imaging software for diagnosing cancer. I am the responsible sales consultant for the USA and Canada. In addition, I work freelance as a journalist and produce YouTube videos on the automotive industry. I am currently presenting the show “Autogefühl”.

Tips for starting your career

In the areas of sales, marketing, and consulting, communication skills are the key to success. If you do not speak German, like me back then, I recommend you learn it as soon as possible and try to perfect it. Otherwise it is almost impossible to find a job in Germany. I was lucky to find a small company that was looking for an English native who could manage business with their American partners. Nonetheless, German proficiency was a prerequisite for getting the job. While the car show I moderate on YouTube is in English, I think working on my German is important and a challenge I rise to every day.

Relevance of the studied program

I was able to establish a large network at university. Still, my main obstacle on the German labor market is the language. That is why I think learning German is key for international students.

 Last updated: February 2023


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