Dr. rer. pol. Claudia Funk

Dr. rer. pol. Claudia Funk

Current job:
Administrative staff member in Quality Management at the University of Mannheim

Studies in Mannheim:
Economic and Business Education

Highest degree:


In addition to my studies of Economic and Business Education, I was a tutor for various courses of the program in Economic and Business Education, and a research assistant. Later in my studies, I also worked as a sales assistant at Commerzbank AG. After having earned my degree, I was an academic staff member at the Chair of Economic and Business Education for ten years and I worked as a program manager for the Economic and Business Education programs. These jobs involved teaching, the supervision of final theses, and the planning and implementation of information events for students and prospective students. I advised and coached students, accompanied research projects, and presented their results at events and conferences. I was also involved in the preparation and implementation of national and international accreditation processes. In addition, I created and updated module catalogs, organized conferences and seminars, and took on tasks as a member of the appointments committee. In 2015, I obtained a doctorate and, in 2017, I transitioned from academic to administrative staff member, performing tasks in quality management. The most difficult decision I have had to make so far was during my time as a post-doc. I decided against pursuing a habilitation because it often implies conditions I would have likely found difficult to reconcile with my plans in life.

Tips for starting your career

If you would like to pursue a career at a university after completing your studies, it is important to have good grades (not necessarily always the best grade) and to build up contacts with chairs and other institutions at the university. Student jobs as a research assistant or tutor will help you make these contacts. In the end, there are plenty of graduates with good degrees. If you already leave a good impression on the professors during your studies, however, you will have better chances of finding a job at the chairs. Gaining work experience as a student will pay off when searching for your first job after graduation.

If you would like to pursue a career in academia or higher education administration, I would recommend you familiarize yourself with the requirements of this career in advance. You should ask yourself if you can handle temporary employment, and inform yourself about the conditions and time frame of a doctorate or habilitation. Your willingness to move or commute to your first job also plays a role. Finally, you should have a strong interest in the tasks the job entails—because work should also give you pleasure.

Relevance of the studied program

For my job at the chair, my studies of the respective program were key as they taught me the necessary skills and knowledge for teaching courses. My academic background was also essential for the supervision of final theses. I was also able to apply the methods I acquired during my studies in my research. As a program manager, having completed the program myself was invaluable for advising students competently. In my current position as a quality manager, I can also apply many skills from my studies, particularly the methodological and specialized knowledge.

 Last updated: February 2023


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