Dr. Sebastian Müller

Dr. Sebastian Müller

Current job:
Head of Customer Advisory Digital Core and Business Solutions at SAP Germany SE

Studies in Mannheim:
Teacher Education

Highest degree:
First state examination/doctorate


One would not necessarily describe my career path as straightforward. During my degree program in Teacher Education, I worked as a student assistant at the chair's secretary’s office and as a tutor. After I took my first state examination, I immediately began a doctoral program and worked as an academic staff member at the Department of English Studies and the School of Humanities at the University of Mannheim for five years. Working as an English Literary Studies teacher as well as a program manager for the humanities bachelor’s and master's programs, it seemed like my professional career in teaching or administration at the university was predestined. After five years in both positions, I was given the opportunity to gain a foothold in the free economy through personal contacts and took over a position in marketing communications at a medium-sized manufacturing company. As my duties included setting up international distribution channels and managing the sales team to some extent, I was able to use and expand my knowledge in the fields of marketing communications and sales. The combination of both fields also made it possible for me to switch to an account manager position at an advertising company, where I was in charge of several major customers in the chemical industry. Due to my knowledge of sales, I was able to pave the way for my current job. After I occupied the position of Account Executive for medium-sized companies at SAP for three years, I was trusted with managing the product experts team (presales) for medium-sized companies. At this time, I also completed my doctorate, which I had been pursuing on the side. The experience I gained working as a manager enabled me to take the next step: since April 2020, I have been the Head of Customer Advisory Digital Core & Business Solutions and am responsible for managing various product experts teams for ERP, SAP’s core product, at SAP SE Germany. This position also includes many other responsibilities at the interface between various stakeholders from sales, consulting, and presales, which I am able to take on thanks to the diverse experiences I gained during my professional career and my studies.

Tips for starting your career

Students of the humanities are provided with an excellent education to become generalists with very good communication and problem-solving skills, and the ability to change perspective. These skills need to be communicated confidently when applying for a new job. The challenge graduates of the humanities often face is the weak lobby for their degrees. It is therefore essential not to hide your skills but to communicate them confidently to others. Your competitors on the job market are not more competent—just more confident. Try to gain practical experience in the business world during your studies, for example, as a working student in a company.

Relevance of the studied program

I began to study humanities out of pure interest, without having planned my career path to the last detail. Even though I never pursued a career in teaching, the knowledge I gained during my studies is still of use to this day. I was trained to be a generalist with strong communication skills— a profile often underrated and under-represented in large companies. Even if well-educated graduates of the humanities will not necessarily become specialists, I am convinced that they can pursue basically any generalist profession they want. Knowledge of business administration can also be acquired on the job. Increasing your intellectual capacities, such as the ability to change perspective is much more important.

 Last updated: February 2023


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