Dr. Simone Burel

Dr. Simone Burel

Current job:
Managing Director of Linguistische Unternehmensberatung – LUB GmbH

Studies in Mannheim:
German Studies, English and American Studies

Highest degree:


I am the founder and Managing Director of LUB GmbH, the first linguistic business consultancy in Germany. After studying English and American Studies, German Studies, and Education in Mannheim, Heidelberg, and London, I pursued a doctorate in Business Linguistics at the University of Heidelberg, researching the corporate language of the DAX 30 companies. Afterward, I worked as the head of communications at a male-dominated finance company in Frankfurt—until I burned out. In 2015, I returned to research as a business and gender linguist and also founded LUB GmbH to have more creative leeway and uphold the ties to academia. In 2016, the company expanded and established a sub-brand for gender consulting, dr.fem.FATALE. The FATALE University followed in 2020, providing an innovative, scientifically sound continuing education program online for women researchers.

I published two books with Springer Gabler (2020: Quick Guide Female Leadership – Frauen in Führungspositionen in der Arbeitswelt 4.0)—the next book is in the pipeline already. In addition, I am a mentor at Johannes Gutenberg University Mainz and the University of Konstanz, and I am a member of various networks, such as Spitzenfrauen Baden-Württemberg. In 2020, I was appointed to the Business Advisory Board of bw-i and, recently, to the board of trustees of the Freunde der Universität Mannheim. I also regularly participate in media and panel discussions on a voluntary basis, sharing my expertise on gender-sensitive, inclusive, and respectful language.

I am not only an entrepreneur but also a social employer and service provider who offers a safe space to people like me: humanities scholars, mental divers, in-betweens. Since 2021, I have also been doing this publicly: in my column for Human Resources Manager magazine, I am a role model writing about my experiences with emotional stress, burn-out, and anxiety disorder (Mental Break(down), in German).

Tips for starting your career

First of all: there is no such thing as a perfect start to a professional career. The transition from university to the world of work is different for everyone, and the many new situations you encounter can surely be overwhelming sometimes. The good news is that some simple tips and effective strategies can help you cope and be more relaxed when looking for your first job. The Federal Employment Agency, job fairs, and job portals can help you with your search. If you have already eyed a concrete company that does not have any suitable vacancies, you should consider sending in an unsolicited application. Finding your fist job after graduation can take some time. You should not get discouraged, however, as waiting periods can be bridged by doing internships, part-time jobs, or continuing education programs.

Relevance of the studied program

As the daughter of non-academic parents, I had to learn many things that others took for granted. Even though my studies were hard sometimes, they laid the foundation for my professional career. I came up with the idea for my doctoral dissertation when I attended a course on business knowledge for students of the humanities in Mannheim. In the end, my dissertation was about the corporate identities of the DAX 30 companies. I particularly appreciated the practical relevance of the program at the University of Mannheim. To this day, I still collaborate with the Mannheim Center for Entrepreneurship and Innovation (MCEI). I feel most comfortable working between academia and entrepreneurship, combining the best of both worlds. My time at the University of Mannheim laid the groundwork for this.

 Last updated: February 2023


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