Filiz Altinkilic, B.A.

Filiz Altinkilic, B.A.

Current job:
Workplace Management at MHP (gap year)

Studies in Mannheim:
Culture and Economy: English and American Studies

Highest degree:


For ten months during my studies, I was a working student at an IT start-up in Mannheim. This experience profoundly influenced my career goals and reinforced my wish to work at the intersection of IT and business after earning my degree. As I received good references from my professors, I had the opportunity to work as a student assistant at the Chair of English Literary and Cultural Studies. Through the mandatory internship, I also gained an insight into a small marketing agency. I think the mandatory internship is invaluable—I had proof of practical experience right after finishing my studies. It also helped me get the working student position, for example.

After obtaining my degree in 2019, I moved to Berlin. There, with a degree and great practical experience in my pocket, I started an internship at a digital business coaching start-up. I performed tasks in the areas of key account management and customer success.

My studies at Mannheim, my experience with different content management systems and customer communication, and my confidence during the interviews all contributed to my success in my application for the internship. Currently, I work in workplace management at MHP, and soon I would like to do a master's program.

Tips for starting your career

You do not have to study business administration if you want to work in marketing, customer success, or communications. The program in Culture and Economy is a good fit for students and prospective students who would like to dive deeper into business administration and, at the same time, be interdisciplinary. With a major (in the humanities) and a combination major (in my case in Business Administration), you proof your ability to think outside the box. This is something I have always liked about the program. The bachelor’s in Culture and Economy is also a good choice for people interested in finance, accounting, or IT as long as they do internships to apply their theoretical knowledge. Because a successful career requires more than just academic preparation—practical experience is indispensable. Before starting a master's program, I wanted to take a gap year and gain hands-on experience as a working student and intern. Thanks to my bachelor’s degree from the University of Mannheim, I was accepted at innovative start-ups and medium-sized companies.

Relevance of the studied program

The program in Culture and Economy allowed me to improve my communication skills and acquire practical competences through subjects like Business Communication, Current Topics, Essay Writing, and Intercultural Communication. I also reached a high degree of English proficiency, which, today, is an essential prerequisite for most internships and jobs.

 Last updated: February 2023


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