Larissa Rieß

Larissa Rieß

Current job:
Radio presenter at 1LIVE (WDR), DJane and producer with a record deal, comedian in various TV and streaming shows, series, and films

Studies in Mannheim:
Media and Communication Studies, Romance Studies

Highest degree:


I studied Media and Communication Studies as well as Romance Studies in Mannheim and Barcelona. During my studies I was a presenter at the student radio station radioaktiv and completed a practical training at the radio stations Energy in Munich and JamFM in Berlin. I successfully finished both my studies and practical training at the same time. Then I started working at the radio station bigFM. At first, I presented the afternoon program, then the morning show and the “bigFM Spotify Show” on Saturdays. Since 2015, I have been a presenter at Europe’s most successful youth radio station 1 LIVE (WDR) in Cologne, where I present the afternoon program. In the same year, I began my career in television. I started out as an author for “Neo Magazin Royale” before joining the team in front of the camera. Since then, I starred in Christian Ulmen’s comedy “jerks”, “Genial Daneben”, and the remake of “7 Tage 7 Köpfe”. I have also been part of the “LOL, Last One Laughing” crew, which currently is the most successful Amazon Prime Show.

Apart from my career in radio and television, I have written and produced my own songs and DJaned as “Lari Luke” in clubs. I have a record deal with Sony Records and play at Tomorrowland Festival, for example.

Tips for starting your career

I think internships are important to find out what you really want to do later. My internship at bigFM was in sound engineering because I considered a career in this field at first. But there I realized I had more fun presenting shows. I also did not focus on payment, the city or job prospects in the respective company when I chose my career. Instead, I chose the radio station where I had the feeling I could have the most fun and develop my potential as a presenter. You are never good in a job or a company you do not really like.

Relevance of the studied program

Working in media, I have realized how important my time at the University of Mannheim was for me, as I learned how to deal with certain topics in depth and not just superficially. Critical thinking and looking at issues from various perspectives to form my own opinion are important skills I acquired at Mannheim.

 Last updated: February 2023


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