Dr. Martin Thelen, LL.B.

Dr. Martin Thelen, LL.B.

Current job:

Studies in Mannheim:
Business Law

Highest degree:
Bachelor of Laws (LL.B.)/state examination


In order to complete my legal studies, I worked as a trainee lawyer after graduating from university. After I had passed the second state examination, I worked as a lawyer in a major law firm for two years. Then I decided to change my career path to become a notary. Now, I work as a notary in Cologne.

Tips for starting your career

Studying law takes a lot of time and until your state examination, you practically do not hold any academic qualification. The Integrated LL.B. and State Examination Program in Law provides you with the opportunity to obtain a bachelor's degree after three years. It is not until you have finished the first program phase that you have to decide whether you want to pursue a career as a lawyer or not. Knowing that you will hold a degree after three years and being able to keep your options open at the same time have convinced me of this degree program. If you are interested in law and business administration, I can definitely recommend this program to you.

Relevance of the studied program

The integrated program in Business Law (LL.B.) is unique in Germany and provides students with the opportunity to combine law with business administration. After you have earned the bachelor's degree, many doors will be open to you.

 Last updated: February 2023


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