Paul Beck, M.C.B.L.

Paul Beck, M.C.B.L.

Current job:
Coordinator at the Federal Ministry of Finance

Studies in Mannheim:
Comparative Business Law

Highest degree:


Before coming to the University of Mannheim, I completed a German-American double bachelor’s degree in Economics and Business Administration and International Management. Then I decided to do a master’s at Mannheim as I wanted to hold degree that would bring me closer to fulfilling my dream of working in an international organization. My studies were at both the University of Mannheim and the University of Adelaide, where I broadened my knowledge of international public economic and business law.

I completed several internships in international organizations and in politics, which was an asset on the way to achieving my goal. I worked at the EU delegation in Washington D.C., at UNESCO’s national commission in Mexico City, and at the European Parliament in Brussels. Then I started working full-time for a member of the European Parliament. As an accredited parliamentary assistant, I worked in the field of European banking regulation, in particular. After the legislative period ended in 2019, I transferred to the Federal Ministry of Finance for the German presidency of the EU Council.

Tips for starting your career

Internships and commitment outside of the university are important and valuable. Establishing a professional network is key. It will help recent graduates in search of their first job.

Relevance of the studied program

During my studies, I learned a lot about EU law and public economic and business law. Without this basic knowledge, I would not have been able to build the career I have. In addition, I was strongly influenced by my work with the general student committee, AStA. At that time, we were able to support refugees in Germany, among other things. My political commitment was essential for getting the job at the EU Parliament.

I particularly liked comparative law. I decided for the program because it was challenging and would help me achieve my goal—which I eventually did.

 Last updated: February 2023


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