Professor Ingo Hamm

Professor Ingo Hamm

Current job:
Professor of Business Psychology

Studies in Mannheim:

Highest degree:


After I earned my Diplom in Business Psychology, I became self-employed and founded a company. For a few years, I worked at McKinsey & Co as strategy consultant, before I became a project manager at a DAX-listed company. Today, I am a Professor of Business Psychology.

Tips for starting your career

My tip for prospective students and students is to keep an open mind for your own, individual career path. My own path has led me into various fields and I don’t regret that. Especially at the start of your career, it is important to be very performance-oriented at work to increase your opportunities on the labor market.

Relevance of the studied program

With a degree in Psychology, you have a very solid knowledge of empirical methods. In times of “fake news” and “post-factualism”, being proficient in data handling and statistics is of indispensable value. In Psychology, when dealing with humans, this is the difference between science and esotericism.

 Last updated: February 2023


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