Robert Dehghan, M.Sc.

Robert Dehghan, M.Sc.

Current job:
Start-up founder and doctoral student

Studies in Mannheim:
Business Administration

Highest degree:


During my studies of Business Administration at the University of Mannheim I completed several internships at start-ups and counseling firms. Together with some of my peers I established the Q-Summit, a student conference for entrepreneurship at the University of Mannheim, and I was always involved in student organizations. After earning my bachelor’s degree, I founded Pacific Straws, a sustainable start-up. We sell glass straws made in Germany to fight plastic pollution.

Between 2019 and 2021, I also dived deeper into entrepreneurship in the Mannheim Master in Management (MMM). Since 2021, I have been pursuing a doctorate at the Chair of Small and Medium Sized Companies and Entrepreneurship in addition to working in my start-up. As part of my doctorate, I also teach courses on entrepreneurship at the University of Mannheim. 

Tips for starting your career

In addition to your studies, I think it is important to get involved in different student organizations and take on responsibility. It is a great change to everyday student life and helps you make friends. Being part of a student organization is also a great way to build a network and develop your personality, which is an asset when starting your career.

Relevance of the studied program

As a member of the school council and chair of the departmental student committee for Business Administration I was able to gain experience in leadership. Throughout the program in Business Administration, I acquired relevant theoretical general knowledge and a basic understanding of the entire field. Thanks to the hands-on experience I gained while working in the student organizations of the University of Mannheim, I developed both personally and professionally. I was also able to broaden my cultural and social skills during the semester I spent abroad, which comes in very handy for my daily work.

 Last updated: February 2023


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