Thomas Bez, Dipl.-Kfm.

Thomas Bez, Dipl.-Kfm.

Current job:
Managing director of a wholesaler (holding)

Studies in Mannheim:
Business Administration

Highest degree:


In 1968, I began studying Law in Tübingen and completed the first state examination in Law in 1973. At the same time, I completed a bachelor’s in Economics and Business Administration. That is why, after switching to Mannheim, it only took me four semesters to complete my Diplom degree in Business Administration (1975).

From 1976 to 2016, I held the position of managing director at G. Umbreit GmbH & Co. KG, a book and press wholesaler. Today, I live in (part-time) retirement and am still managing the holding company of our subsidiaries.

I was actively involved in various professional organizations and the German Chamber of Commerce and Industry. I also still work as a commercial judge at Stuttgart Regional Court. As a lecturer with practical experience, I also took up teaching assignments at higher education institutions in Leipzig (Leipzig University and HTWK), Munich (LMU), and Stuttgart (DHBW) until 2016. I was a longtime member of the advisory board of a wholesale company and an honorary member of the German Publishers and Booksellers Association.

Tips for starting your career

Almost 50 years after the end of my studies and with more than 40 years of professional experience, I would advise all students to use the wide range of opportunities offered by the university. Do not be a nerd and only attend courses that are relevant for exams and/or are practice-oriented. In Tübingen and Mannheim, I not only learned about law and economics but also attended lectures on politics and theology. That has been extremely beneficial to both my professional and personal life. Thinking outside the box is something you either learn over time or never learn at all. But pursuing a holistic approach has never been so important.

Relevance of the studied program

Since I planned to step into our family business after graduating, of which I had already become a shareholder in 1972, I already had an eye on the University of Mannheim (formerly Wirtschaftshochschule Mannheim) during my studies in Tübingen. I have never regretted choosing the University of Mannheim. Since I always had a clear goal in mind during my studies, I took a lot from the four semesters of Business Administration with me for my professional career. I became particularly intrigued with marketing, which is why I chose to write and later publish my Diplom thesis about the book market. I have maintained a connection to the University of Mannheim, particularly to the marketing department, through my membership in the Absolventum alumni network.

 Last updated: February 2023


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