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Recognition of Coursework and Examinations

For applicants applying for admission to an advanced semester of a master’s program

The examination committee responsible for the degree program in question uses the documents that you provide to decide which coursework and examinations can be recognized and to determine in which subject-specific semester you may join the degree program. You do not need to request recognition of your coursework and examinations before applying. If you are admitted to a program, the semester in which you can begin your studies is provisional to begin with.

Once you have enrolled at the university, contact the examination committee as soon as possible so that it can confirm the advanced semester in which you can join the program in Mannheim. If, after enrollment, you can prove that you have completed more coursework and examinations that are eligible for recognition, please submit an updated Transcript of Records to the examination committee. Of course, you may also contact the respective examination committee in advance.

Please click here to find the competent examination committee