Careers and Continuing Education


Founding a Company in Mannheim

We support you throughout the process of turning your idea into a business.

Career Network

This career platform provides information for both students and businesses and offers job application trainings, workshops, and lists of vacancies.

Mentoring Program

Students who sign up to Absolventum’s mentoring program are allocated a mentor, who can advise them on career-related topics.

Job Opportunities

Lists of internships and job vacancies produced by the university, the schools, and the departmental student committees, all in one place.

With our STEP by STEP program, we help international degree-seeking students enter the German labor market.

Continuing education at the University of Mannheim

Language Courses

German as a foreign language, Arabic, Danish, English, French, Korean, Norwegian, Russian, Swedish...
As an international university, we offer courses in more than 20 languages.

Part-Time Program German as a Foreign / Second Language

The University of Mannheim offers the part-time program for German as a Foreign Language / German as a Second Language. Graduates of the program are qualified to teach German as a foreign / second language.

Management Courses

The Mannheim Business School is one of the leading institutions for management education in Europe. Its core offering consists of international MBA programs, taught entirely in English, which may be studied on either a full-time or part-time basis.

Studium Generale

The Studium Generale offers a wide variety of courses. You can take, for example, a language course or test, a course in IT or rhetoric, listen to presentations on current topics, or participate in theater classes. Everyone is welcome to join.

Soft Skills Courses

Experts with practical experience teach students relevant, career-related skills, such as presentation and communication skills, and time management.

Kids’ University

University is just for grown-ups? No way! Lecture series are held twice a year for young students aged eight and over. The lectures take place in the university’s lecture halls at the Schloss, so school pupils can see what studying is really like.

Guest Students and Senior Citizen Students

The Guest Student and Senior Citizen Program is open to those who would like to tackle scientific topics after, or alongside, their work or family commitments.

Contact for academic continuing education

María Collado

María Collado

Head of Studium Generale
University of Mannheim
Service und Marketing GmbH
Studium Generale
L 9, 7 – Room 110
68161 Mannheim
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