Student Commitment

Many students of the University of Mannheim engage in socio-political and social organizations to make the world a better place. In the departmental student committees, the university’s bodies and the AStA, students are shaping the future of the University of Mannheim.

Where can I volunteer?


Politics and society, career plans, or culture and spare time: The student organizations represent various interests.

Departmental student committees

The departmental student committees shape academic life at the individual departments.


The general student committee at the university (AStA) represents all students at the University of Mannheim.

What are the events offered by the student organizations and student representatives?

The student organizations and student representatives organize many events in which you can also participate if you are not a member. Just drop by!

Current events

In the UniMalender, you will find an overview of all events offered during the semester.

Why should I volunteer?

Studying is so much more than just learning. Studying offers the chance to discover yourself, to learn more about yourself, to find friends for life, to actively engage in a community and to shape our society with new, creative ideas. This is how our students stand out. Together we are a community of students with most diverse interests who support each other whenever and wherever possible. Join us and be a part of our community in a student organization, a departmental student committee or the AStA – the University of Mannheim offers something for everyone.

Nina Wolff & Hamun Zourmand (AStA board of directors) / Credit: Nina Wolff