Exhibition in the Hays Forum 2018: “Space Pictures”

Robert Meldrum Satellite

In his current creative period, the artist, who was born in England in 1971, focuses on the cosmos. There are Mars, the moon, various asteriods and comets and of course Mother Earth. What is round becomes square and what seems humorous, however, has critical aspects due to the material chosen by Meldrum. The equator consists of barricade tape  and the oceans are made of bubble wrap.

Ana Laibach Heaven Knows

Ana Laibach, born in Braunschweig in 1966, was a master student of Max Kaminski at the State Academy of Fine Arts in Karlsruhe. On her large-format work “Heaven Knows” you can see figures weightlessly floating in space – maybe constellations? They are all barked at by a mystical machine dog – a wolf that howls at the night sky, or is possibly even the cause of this chaos.  

Selection of artworks by theuer+scherr
Kindly supported by the Hays AG